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New technology synthetic deep drawing lubricant products with out-standing (miraculous according to one customer) performance have recently been introduced. Superdraw ST40-SL is a special lubricant for broaching and splining. It gives a massive step change in performance at one customer where using a standard broaching lubricant from a competitor was getting pick up after just a couple of components and subsequently poor tool-life. The competitor product was not a bad one with 50% chlorinated additive. However with the special new technology solid lubricant additives ST40-SL was able to give thousands of components without pickup.

New technology water soluble lubricant Another technology leap has been obtained with Superdraw SG-K, based on the advanced technology of Superdraw SG (Rolls Royce Approved Lubricant) but with the addition of newly developed water soluble solid lubricants. This chlorine-free, sulphur-free, phosphorous-free lubricant offers spectacular deep-drawing lubricant performance giving performance similar to that of highly chlorinated oils. Trials at a local pressing company showed SG-K to have at least the same performance as a highly chlorinated neat forming oil.

Removal of Solvent Degreasing We have recently done work with a number of customers to allow for the removal of solvent degreasing. We have developed Superdraw SG (Rolls Royce approved lubricant) for a non-ferrous extrusion company. This lubricant allowed the company to switch to water degreasing as the Superdraw SG is completely removed in a water rinse, whilst the forming fluid gives the required high performance. We have developed Vansihing Oil WB4 for a automotive component manufacturer, this vanishing oil gives ultra-high performance to give deep drawing capability on high tensile steel, and also gives non-oily residues. We have developed a tube filling resin which is effective and can be removed with water after processing.

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