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John Neale Ltd

Precision Engineered Lubricants

Telephone +44(0) 121 585 8793

Email technical@johnnealeltd.co.uk

www.oilspillproducts.co.uk  - A large range of oil, chemical, maintenance absorbents, spill kits, oil containment equipment and oily water filtration products.

www.Manufacturingtalk.com     (John Neale on Manufacturing Talk)

www.findtheneedle.co.uk - The UK business to business portal

www.ecofs.co.uk Eco FS specialise in 3 key areas, degreasing, metal working fluids and chemical recycling.

www.cuttinglubricantsuk.co.uk - Cutting Fluids for specialist applications.

www.businessmagnet.co.uk Business directory - Attract the right results