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Solveco 120

High performance liquid (non-VOC) degreasing solvent for dip cleaning of tubes and engineering components. Broad range of solvency - able to dissolve polymers and oils. Can be rinsed off with water if desired.

Solvent 75

High performance degreasing solvent, effective degreasing of intricate parts. Very suitable for the removal of forming oils and lubricants.

Solvent 601

High performance solvent. Used in sealed and fire proof vapour degreasing equipment as a TCE replacement. Not flammable labelled, suitable for electronic parts and engineering components.

Enviroclean DGL4

High performance aqueous cleaner, use at 5% as a dip cleaner, capable of removing heavy forming oils from intricate parts.

Enviroclean AL2

High performance spray wash cleaner, non-staining to aluminium.

Enviroclean HIP

Cleaner for antique clocks, recommended by Jeff Walker.