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We supply solvent based and aqueous bespoke vanishing oil lubricant solutions to customer requirement fine tuning...

Evaporation rate ensuring components are dry before packing

Performance light to very heavy drawing performance, improving surface finish and tool life

Residue levels from zero residue to a corrosion inhibiting fine film whilst maintaining excellent performance.

Very low odour synthetic evaporative lubricant products based on special hydrocarbon base fluids

Press tools used with metal forming lubricants.

New Technology Water-Based (non-VOC) Vanishing Lubricants

New Technology Ultra High performance Vanishing Oils

High Speed Pressing Vanishing / evaporative Lubricant

Vanishing Oil TDF

Specially developed fast evaporating 40 Deg C flash-point, totally dry film vanishing oil based on low odour high technology based stocks.

Vanishing Oil UXT

High performance vanishing oil with high levels of advanced chlorine free

synthetic lubricity additives, non-flammable labelled low odour base

solvent but still with good evaporation rate, this is an excellent vanishing oil for stamping.

Vanishing Oil WK

Water based vanishing oil lubricant, with rapid drying and high

performance additive chemistry, special micro-emulsion chemistry

is used to give rapid drying performance (faster than many solvents).

Vanishing Oil CN60

Economical grade, solvent based vanishing oil, used to replace standard grades from other suppliers.

corrugated aluminium component made with evaporative lubricant