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Corrguard EXT is a well proven amine which enhances the bio-stability of water-mix cutting fluids.

We have tested the amine in combination with some other additives to see if the performance could be enhanced to a level required in the field.

We have tested it in combination with OPP and phenoxyethanol.

Both OPP (1000ppm in use) and phenoxyethanol (5000ppm in use) enhance the bio-stability to a level which would be considered to give good long term control.

Corrguard EXT is more difficult to formulate compared to using biocides like MBM or other formaldehyde-release biocides, and it is different to formulate compared to generally used alkanolamines.

I have found the use of Jphos 1328 is a good anion to use with the Corrguard EXT. Also the use of MDEA is a good amine to buffer the formulation as EXT is not a strong amine.

When using Phenoxyethanol sodium sulphonate (~500MW) works well as an emulsifier.

OPP can be added by pre-melting into a portion of the oil.

We will update on the site the circulation test results we obtain on the most recent tests started earlier in October 2014.