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Vanishing Oil AQ10 - New Technology Water-Based Vanishing Oils

Recent developments in aqueous polymer technology has allowed us to develop advanced vanishing oils with significant benefits over traditional solvent based lubricants. These lubricants have the following characteristics and benefits:

Advanced polymer technology

Suitable for forming, piercing, blanking, bending, nibbling, laser cutting etc on all metals both

non-ferrous and ferrous alloys.

Fast drying time due to rapid evaporation rate.

non-VOC vanishing oil as it contains no 'solvents'

Weld-able, can be welded through with no adverse fumes and  they have anti-spatter performance

Water rinse-able, can be simply washed off with water if required, we have found washing parts after process can usually be unnecessary.

High performance - we have products with proven performance on the following metals,

a.    Aluminium (+alloys) 1mm-3mm

b.    Zintec 1mm-3mm

c.    Stainless (304, 316, etc) 1mm-3mm

d.    Mild steel (Hot Rolled (HR4) , S355 (50B)) 1mm-6mm

SED (solvent emission directive)advantages

No hazard labelling, no strong odours, pleasant to use.

Clean in use due to absence of oily residues.

Excellent corrosion protection.

Vanishing Oil AQ10:- High performance vanishing oil for the majority of applications

Vanishing Oil AQ20:- Very high performance for difficult operations where vanishing oils are not normally used.

Vanishing Oil AQFF:- Aqueous evaporative lubricant suitable for forming aluminium and its alloys

1 - No discernable staining

4 - Dark stain

The vanishing oil AQ range of evaporative lubricants are now proven in a large range of applications.

Worries about corrosion, lubrication performance, and drying have all proven to be undeserved.

The products include products specifically for galvanised metal, others for non-ferrous metals and one which has outstanding performance on stainless steel.

The Vanishing oil AQ10 can also be used for assembly of rubber parts, and being oil-free is compatible with EPDM, Nitrile and other common seal materials used in auto-motive applications. It is also non-hazardous and not de-fatting to the skin.

The products dry quickly, the slight residues mostly don’t needs to be removed before further processing of the parts, and temporary corrosion inhibition is an additional benefit.