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Non-Ferrous Tube Drawing Lubricants - Standard Products

Lubricant  OD  ID  Metals                        Drawing Equipment           Viscosity  Notes

Cu5001    y     y    Copper / copper alloys  All                                  5000      semi-synthetic

Cu6001    y     y    Copper / copper alloys  All                                  6000      semi-synthetic ACR tube

S5000      y     y    Copper / aluminium      All                                  5000      synthetic, clean anneal, ACR tube.

S2000      y     y    Copper / aluminium      All                                  2000      synthetic, clean anneal, ACR tube.

Cu801      y     y    Copper                       All                                  800        recirculation applicable, ACR tube.

S700        y     y    Copper / aluminium      All                                  700        synthetic, recirculation, ACR tube

Cu201      y     y    Copper                       Spinners                          200        Finishing passes for ID

S200        y     y    Copper                       Spinners                          200        synthetic recirculation, ACR tube,


PIB-S (1000) y y    Aluminium                  All                                  1000      Synthetic, clean anneal, water


PIB-S (5000) y y    Aluminium                  All                                  5000      Synthetic, clean anneal, water


Sink Fluids     Copper Sinking applications 2 - 50 Synthetic and semi-synthetic

Extrusion Fluid CuPro     Copper Extrusion Tank n/a Stops oxidation of the tube in the run-out tank

Extrusion Fluid Xtreme     Copper Extrusion Tank  n/a Higher performance Extrusion fluid

Superdraw PIB-S1000 and Superdraw PIB-S5000 are used to lubricate the drawing of aluminium tube.

The advantages of these two synthetic grades over traditional oil-based drawing lubricants is significant, with ultra-clean anneal leaving ultra low residues after annealing, combined with truly excellent lubrication.

The two grades simply differ in their viscosity, both based on the same polymer and synthetic ester chemistry.