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Drilling and Routing of aluminium without any degreasing. A tier one automotive parts manufacturer were machining aluminium parts with a high quality minimal lubricant. Even with a minimal lubricant they had to degrease prior to assembly. We were asked to assess their process to see if it was possible to use a lubricant which would avoid degreasing.

Vanishing Oil AL-HP was chosen for trial, this is a zero residue vanishing oil which gives enhanced machining performance compared to traditional evaporative lubricants. It achieved the initial goal of clean parts which didn’t need degreasing. Then after longer term production trial it proved to give  adequate tool life.  

Thermal Degreasing Fluid without sticky deposits and gums a manufacturer of pressed parts who used a bio-degradable forming fluid which thermal degreased in the annealing process. They were however getting significant problems with their press tools gumming up and giving subsequent production issues.

We assessed the process and suggested Envirocut SE10 as a saturated synthetic bio-degradable ester based product. This product would be expected to give significant stability improvements.

After a period of testing the product was found to fully meet the requirements of the customer.

Superdraw STPSL has enabled a stainless steel tube manufacturer to significantly reduce the requirement to plastic coat advanced alloy tube prior to drawing on draw benches. Typically extremely hard to draw tube was dipped to plastic coat prior to drawing. This process requirement adversely effected product flow through the factory and added cost and time.

The product was tested to see if it could achieve the lubrication of severe reductions of tube using plug and rod drawing.

So far a significant proportion of processes have been converted away from plastic coating.