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It is possible to change the lubricants used for metal forming, metal cutting and the machine lubricants to facilitate a change from solvent degreasing (especially trichloroethylene degreasing).

Water Soluble Lubricants

Water can now be used successfully to degrease components, with a water rinse at 75 deg C components dry rapidly after washing.

Superdraw SG has enabled a brass extrusion manufacturer to remove trichloroethylene (TCE) degreasing from their production process. Which has allowed them simply and cheaply to meet the requirements of the SED.

Like many engineering companies a low cost way of changing away from TCE was required.

The cost of keeping solvent degreasing by installing a hermetically sealed degreasing system was totally prohibitive.

Nor was there was no way to reduce consumption to less than 1tpa as required by the SED.

Having studied the company's way of working and its processes, John Neale considered that lubricants could be selected, that would wash-off in water, and which would cleanly burn-off in a hot straightening process.

Samples of new technology water rinse-able products were supplied to the company.

The company had tested several washable products from other suppliers with no success.

John Neale explained that the use of standard soluble metal-working fluids is not suitable for water rinse degreasing.

The lubricants have to be removed with no agitation and simply dissolve into the water, which does not happen with most water-mix lubricants.

Trials have confirmed that water can now be used successfully to degrease components.

The water rinse is operated at 75 deg C so the components dry rapidly after degreasing.

Components are cleaned to the company's full satisfaction.

Careful selection of lubricant raw materials again gave total success.

John Neale has many lubricant solutions to help customers remove TCE from their process.

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