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Tube Drawing Lubricant products

Tube drawing lubricant Cu5001: Excellent performance on arduous copper tube drawing. Used by major copper tube manufacturers in the UK

Coating Lubricant CR: Plastic coating lubricant for sever cold reductions on stainless steel and exotic alloy and titanium tube drawing. Based on a non-hazardous solvent giving excellent operator comfort. Non-hazardous alternative to Hangsterfers P46.

Superdraw ST4000P: Highest performing liquid lubricant for stainless, and alloy tube. Significantly out performs other chlorinated lubricants due to advanced additives, can be used for stainless steel, nickel alloys, titanium, zirconium etc.

Superdraw PIB-S:  Water soluble premium aluminium tube drawing lubricant. Can replace current synthetic tube lubricants which require trichloroethylene or solvent degreasing. Performance is fully proven and lubricant residues are cleanly removed by annealing or plain water cleaning. It is chlorine / sulphur free and is ashless.

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