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Having extensive experience in the design of water-based hydraulic fluids, and fire-resistant hydraulic fluids for many  applications. We can design products for specialist applications, or where off-the-shelf or existing products do not give the required performance. Our products exceed our customers’ expectations, eradicating such problems as bacterial infestation, corrosion, soap deposits, filter blockage, foam, premature wear of valves and pumps.

 We can work with you to produce products which will meet your own exacting requirements, whether you require a specific viscosity of HFc type fluid, or whether you require an off-shore BOP fluid based solely on PLONOR substances.

 HFa – 5/95 and 2/98 Types

 HFA01 - technical data - BOP type HFA water hydraulic fluid

  Excellent corrosion inhibition chemistry – passes IP135B, IP287.

  Excellent bacteria and fungal control – stops slimes, filter blockage problems, and corrosion.

  Excellent lubricity – improves valve operation.

  Excellent filterability – filtration down to 1micron possible.

  Excellent hard water stability – no hard water deposits.

  Bespoke products can be designed

  Steel mill fluids

  BOP fluids

  Mining Fluids

  Sea water stability

  Proven capability

 HFc – Water-glycol Types

Excellent vapour phase inhibition chemistry.

Excellent corrosion inhibition.

Excellent lubricity.

Excellent filterability

Food grade.



Hard water and sea water stable.

High pressure products.

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HFDu (polyol ester) Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid.