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John Neale Ltd have some of the most advanced cutting fluid in the market. Designed for specialist applications like magnesium machining, aerospace aluminium alloys. Products are designed to give optimum performance and the cutting fluid can be selected to give the performance required, We have extensive knowledge of the development of water-mix and neat metal working fluids.   Our capability includes boron-free, formaldehyde-free and bactericide-free metal working fluid and coolants, high performance coolants, low cost cutting fluid, vegetable based coolants, renewable cutting fluid and hydro-cracked neat oils for the most arduous and difficult applications in the UK....

Neat Oil Cutting Products

Hydro-cracked based Products

Very low mist        

Higher flash point

Chlorine free

High performance

Carbide grinding products

High-speed machining

Exceptional Tool life

Lower viscosity better cooling

Vanishing Oils

Very low odour

Rapid drying products

Enhanced tool-life

Improved finish

Minimal Quantity Lubricants - Spray  Mist Lubricants.

Advanced synthetic high performance spray mist lubricants

Formaldehyde-free cutting fluids

Current concerns over formaldehyde and formaldehyde release biocides

Watermix Fluids   

  Boron-free and Bactericide-free Metal Working Lubricant

  Boron free and Formaldehyde free water-mix lubricants

  Excellent bacteria control (<103 orgs/ml seen in systems after long term usage)

  Products for arduous machining of Stainless Steel and Aluminium Alloys

  Chlorine containing and chlorine-free


HSE advice on metal working fluids (UK)

Fire-resistant neat cutting fluids - designed to reduce fire-risk in modern machine tools, ultra low mist, and fuming, and significantly reduced flammability.

Sliding Head cutting fluids.

New range of fire-resistant, ultra low mist and ultra low foam metal working fluids for sliding head machines including Star machine tools.

Inhibitor BB and BFF additives give superb corrosion inhibition and enhance the bio-stability of water-mix metal working fluids. They enable the formulation of formaldehyde-free They are easy to formulate and very cost effective