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Biodegradable - synthetic ester based Minimal / Mist lubricants and Neat cutting fluids:

Biodegradable, synthetic ester based lubricants for minimal lubrication, mist lubrication, and synthetic neat cutting oil.

Envirocut ML10

Envirocut ML30

EDM Cutting fluids:

Envirocut EDM 58

Grinding fluids:

Specialist products for grinding including carbide grinding, high speed arduous grinding to give reduced fuming, lower fire risk, and better cooling.

Envirocut GF6

Envirocut GF10

Ultra High performance

Proven safety for environmental and operator concerns

Bio-degradable lubricant

Non air-mist hazard

Low fuming

Very high flashpoint and auto-ignition temperature

Safer operation

No hazard labelling required

Operators with sensitive skin appreciate the non-hydrocarbon emollient basis of the fluid

Pure chemical so very tight boiling range, no viscosity of performance drift

Low viscosity ensures maximum flushing

No artificial dyes to restrict work-piece viewing

very low odour

Saturated chemistry for longer fluid life

Ultra-low tendency for tacky/sticky residues....