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Advanced Rust Preventives

John Neale Ltd has developed a range of rust preventives with advanced performance, and can tailor performance to match the specific requirements of customers, barium-free, non-VOC, dry film rust preventives are available with anything from inter-operational de-watering products to long term outdoor corrosion inhibitors.

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Table of Products

John Neale Ltd has been working on inter-operational and medium term indoor storage protection, dip applied, fast drying, non-VOC rust preventives.

The products needed to give reasonable humidity cabinet test results and we have achieved 12 days and 20 days for 0.1micron and 0.3micron film thickness products.

The products need to be fast drying, and we have achieved the same drying time as would be seen with a 40DegC flash point solvent based rust preventive.

The products need to be suitable for a full range of substrates from steel to aluminium and include galvanised metal.

The product residues must be easily removed using mild aqueous cleaners

Rust Preventive ULVC-DF is an inter-operational and short term indoor corrosion preventive with a dry 0.1 micron film.

Rust Preventive ULVC-DF plus is a short to medium term indoor corrosion preventive with a dry 0.3 micron film.

Water-based Rust Preventives (non-voc)

Rust Preventive C - Dry Film Solvent Based Rust Preventive

  Specially effective products for steel strip

Rust Preventive DF

Dry to touch film, de-watering, long-term indoor protection of cast iron and steel, has been used to protect cast iron for shipping.

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