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High Speed Pressing Synthetic Vanishing Lubricants

We supply synthetic solvent based bespoke vanishing oil solutions to customers for high speed press work up to 2000strokes per minute

Evaporation rate is selected for the application hence 40 and 60 notation.

Performance light to medium for zero residue to very high for dry film residue.

Residue levels from zero to a corrosion inhibiting fine film

Very low odour synthetic products based on special hydrocarbon base fluids

RoHS compliant lubricants.

Suitable for copper, aluminium alloy electrical contacts.

Suitable for copper, aluminium, magnesium and titanium alloys.

Piercing, blanking, punching, forming applications.

Vanishing Oil SE40, 60

specially developed fast evaporating 40 and 63 Deg C flashpoint, totally dry film vanishing oil based on low odour high technology synthetic based stocks

Vanishing Oil JN40, 60

High performance synthetic vanishing oil with high levels of advanced chlorine free dry residue lubricant additives

JN60 non-flammable labelled low odour base solvent but still with good evaporation rate.

None dust attracting residue

Vanishing Oil JK40, 60

Specially design saturated synthetic lubricant package to give advanced performance and stability in the fastest presses.

100% saturated synthetic technology gives fantastic stability to gumming, varnishing and deposits.