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Vanishing Oil WK


Low odour


Rapid drying

Superb performance for light duty press work, and roll forming of ferrous metals and yellow metals.

Replaces solvent based vanishing oils, and gives enhanced forming performance, and better residual corrosion protection.

Fin Forming of aluminium

New technology  aqueous technology for fin forming of aluminium.

Envirolube 93-13 is a  new technology forming fluid  with superb performance on difficult aluminium processes which aqueous fluids often cannot  perform acceptably.


Low odour

Rapid drying

Low residues

Oil-free lubricants.

High performance lubricants for enhanced cleanliness, and environmental benefits

Superdraw FS

Incredibly high performance oil-free lubricant which can be used for deep drawing of stainless steel, forming of high strength automotive steels and piercing of stainless steel tubes.

Tool-life can be increased significantly, cleanliness is much improved and where necessary residues can be removed easily with an aqueous clean.

Recent successes with Superdraw FS include:-

>10 times increase in tool-life in piercing operation.

Deep drawing of stainless steel parts.

Roll forming of steel components with 10% dilution giving outstanding roll performance.

Rubber grommit lubrication with excellent compatibility.

Superdraw Enviro S grade high performance oil-free forming fluids

Superdraw Enviro S35

Superdraw Enviro S50

Superdraw Enviro S100

These advanced lubricants have been designed to have better performance than oil-based forming and blanking oils, with the benefits of cleanliness, reduced residues.

Superdraw Enviro S grades have also been designed to be highly cost effective compared to mineral oil based technology.

The product are non-hazardous, of low toxicity for waste disposal, easily cleaned off components when necessary.

They give enhanced working environment and are better for the environment.